Just got back from Coonabarabran where we met Terry and our new fur baby “Blossom”.

We are very impressed with Terry and her beautiful property. The dogs and puppies are all loved and cared for in very clean surroundings. My husband went there as a skeptic and left as a convert.

We can’t praise Terry enough, she is very knowledgeable and very friendly. Can’t wait to bring little “Blossom” home but we know that she is in very good hands with Terry.

Thanks Terry.

Wendy & Matt Gilzean, November 2018

Hey everybody this is our little Russell, he just came home to us yesterday and he has already stolen every part of our hearts (and my spot on the couch) with his character and love ❤️

You may notice he has a very pirate like feature, being his eye, unfortunately there was a little mishap with one of the other pups and even with the tremendous amount of effort Terry put in to do everything possible for our little man, sadly it had to be removed. Kelly-Marie Smith and myself would just like to thank you for everything you've done, you have seriously just been so incredible with it all. The 2-3am starts to drive the little man to see a vet, just the shear number of KM's getting him around and checked out was such a massive effort, not to mention the constant updates, photos and Skype in between, it was just outstanding and definitely not taken for granted! Hopefully we will all get to give you a big hug (and maybe a few licks from Russell) in October!

We just love our little man to bits, waking up to his beautiful little face this morning was just the best thing in the world!

Anyway, here's a few photos of the little legend!

- Kelly-Marie & Kyall

Russell's Page





We would recommend Terry and Geoff from Woodland Puppies to anyone who is looking for breeders that love every animal, that will share the journey with upcoming new owners.

I have nothing but the highest respect for both Terry and Geoff. Included are some photos of Luna's life with us.

Thank you Felisha, Peter, Nathan, Jack, Noah, Milly and Luna

Read more about our family

Luna and Milly




We purchased our beautiful Mini-Schnauzer, Digby, from Terry at Woodland Puppies 2 years ago. Terry runs an extremely professional business and adores all of the fur babies she breeds.

The purchasing process was very easy. Terry sent me lots of pictures, so I could personally choose my little boy. Little Digby had to take two flights to get to his new family here in Central Queensland....which was all organised by Terry.

Digby arrived with all his paper work re vaccinations and looked very healthy and simply scrumptious. He is the most beautiful, gentle, cuddly and very funny little boy. We just adore him. He has bought so much joy, love and laughter into our lives...I would definitely choose Woodland puppies again when we decide to add another fur baby to our family.

I update Terry quite often with pictures and comments of Digby's on the Woodlands Puppies Facebook page, which I know she appreciates, as she really cares about all the puppies she sells and likes to know how they have settled in with their new families and how they're progressing. Couldn't recommend Woodland Puppies high enough.

From Karen Pettit Wyatt







Sonny and Milly Both Jugs

We absolutely adore Sonny, he's just slotted into the family so well and is Milly's little shadow!

From Samantha Stenner

Sonny and Milly

Sonny and Milly

Sonny and Milly



Willow. She is a Cavoodle.

I thought I'd share some pictures of Willow. She had her first birthday last month. Thanks Terry for the sweetest little baby

From Tegan Butler




Melissa and Jude.

Jude is a 4 year old Pug, Puglet is the Daddy.





Lillie has brought so much joy into our lives. This is one of the most affectionate and overtly loving breeds I've ever owned.

To me, Lillie is worth the effort, expense and time that she requires. She is a clown and comic and provides hours of laughter and entertainment. She will act like she hasn't eaten in a week, looking at me with pitiful, soulful eyes pleading for a corner of toast. She will sneeze in my face, wipe her eye boogers on my nice clean clothes, snores, farts and grumbles, and yes I still call her a lady. She is always by my side, some call it being clingy, I call it mutual love.

She has stolen my heart, but she has given me hers in return I thank Terry for taking extreme care in choosing her parents. Lillie is now almost 2 and is sound and very healthy.

Terry is very accommodating and with much love and warmth helped us through the adoption process of our little lady. Terry's love for her own dogs is most evident, they are beautifully kept, very well adjusted and part of the family.

I absolutely wouldn't hesitate to pick up the phone or message Terry if I had questions regarding the breed, and I know she wouldn't mind. Terry will always be my first port of call if I am looking to add to my furbaby family.

From Mandy Graham







When we decided to buy a cavoodle, we didn't know where to start. We were terrified of being swindled over the internet and definitely didn't want to buy from a puppy farm.

When we saw Terry's ad, everything just sounded right. Once we arrived and met Terry and saw our puppy for the first time, we were so relieved! Terry absolutely loves all of her animals, it stands out a mile! The nurturing and care she gives them is outstanding, and she is so knowledgeable in every aspect of raising puppies and dogs.

We adore our cavoodle puppy, Ruby, and are so happy with choosing Woodlands Puppies. They also have a great Facebook page, and we love seeing Ruby's siblings and what they are up to.

From our experience, we would highly recommend Woodlands Puppies, our whole experience from dealing with them was wonderful.

From Angela Carter




For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted a puppy. A loyal companion who would unconditionally love me, entertain me, comfort me and grow with me. I was so overwhelmed with researching the best way to go about buying a dog. So many things were to be considered.

Thankfully, I came across Terry and her gorgeous pups. Terry happily and honestly answered all of my questions, queries and addressed my concerns. I bought my first pug from Terry at woodlands puppies in November of 2014. I named him Floyd and he was absolutely the best thing to have entered my life. I kept in touch with Terry and would share updates and photos every now and again.

Sadly, Floyd was hit by a car in January of this year at only 2 years old. The car that hit him had run through a red light and taken him out at the pedestrian stop. The car drove off, never looking back. My world was instantly shattered.

After several sleepless nights I decided to reach out to the person I knew would and could help me heal. When contacting Terry my intention was never to purchase a puppy so soon after Floyd had passed. But as if it were fate, Floyd's biological parents were due to have a litter again. Terry so kindly offered me first pick if I ever thought that the timing was right to bring home another baby. It was almost without question that I said yes.

To have Floyd's biological brother was something too wonderful to pass up on. We now have a gorgeous little boy who we've named Ferg. He is full of life, energy, and love! He even came toilet trained! I cannot speak highly of Terry and the amazing work she does on her farm. She truly loves and adores her little ones and it is evident in everything she does. Thank you, for helping us make our family whole again x

From Abby and Ferg










From my very first enquiry to purchase a puppy from Terry of Woodlands Puppies I knew I had found a unique and genuine breeder.

Once I chose my puppy Terry kept me well informed of her progress with emails, photos and phone calls. I couldn't be happier with the service Terry provided, not to mention my beautiful Beaglier Daisy.

She is the healthiest, happiest cleanest puppy ever. I would highly recommend Terry and Woodlands Puppies. Thank you for my beautiful little girl Terry.

From Nerelie Hunt




Archie is our beautiful cocker spaniel. He will be 2 in September. Archie has a beautiful personality and is very loyal. Terry makes sure all her fur babies are healthy.

From Rosemary




This is our beautiful Milly, 9 months old.

I spoke with Terry numerous times before Milly came home and every conversation left me with more confidence our little girl was going to be a wonderfully natured, healthy puppy and she is.

We love her dearly and she is such a sweet and sunny little thing. Every conversation before, during and after Milly's arrival in our home highlights the love and care Terry and her family take with all their dogs.

Any future pups for us will definitely be through Terry or rescue.

Thank you Terry for our beautiful girl!

From Lee Kennedy-Davidson




After Two years of researching breeders and researching miniature Schnauzer's, we decided on Woodlands Puppies to bring our first ever miniature schnauzer home in December 2015.

Stanley, the salt and pepper schnauzer, easily fitted in to his new lifestyle by the beach. He is intelligent, friendly and loving. His best feature is his kind and calm personality. He is a quiet boy with a heart of gold. He absolutely loves other dogs company as well as ours.

A year later, we decided another schnauzer should join the family as Stanley was so desperate for a friend. Hugo, his little half brother, joined us in February this year, again from Woodlands Puppies.

We went back to Terry as we were so happy with the nature and personality of Stanley. Hugo is a Black and Tan schnauzer, and he too has a heart of gold. He is an outgoing little guy who loves to play with others. He is obsessed with his big brother and adores Stanley. He is very intelligent, picking up toilet training within his first few days of joining his new home, he learnt to sit in 3 days.

Everyone who meets our boys, falls in love with the schnauzer breed. We can't thank Terry enough for our little fur babies.

From Allana Voigt

Stanley and Hugo's Mother



Hugo and Stanley

Hugo and Stanley



For months we were searching for our puppy, and one day we were extremely lucky to hear about Terry and Woodlands puppies. Terry was always very responsive to our questions and such an admirable breeder to have met. Her relationships with all her dogs and pups is outstanding, and she is highly knowledgable and respectful of each dog, their breed and their needs. We were very grateful to have spent a beautiful morning at Terry's home and see how compassionately these pups are raised to be healthy, happy and ready to go home to their new owners. Lewis has had a great start thanks to Terry and has a beautiful temperment.

From Karla Daly




We thought you would like to see how Guss is progressing 11 weeks old. He is in your face all the time and is very vocal, if he could talk he would. We are so happy with him.

Thank you for him Brian and Hazel


We have had our pug for 8 months now and he's the most lovable dog. And he's also really good with our son and cat. He's happy, healthy and energetic just what we wanted for our family.

From Tia Philips

We have had Lucy over 2 years now and she is the nicest dog we might need to get her a friend soon from these guys again as they were very good to deal with.

Carmen Jackson
We love our beagle



We have just put a deposit on a little Begalier puppy. We are very happy with The progress so fare and with the deling's we have had with Terry through phone calls and emails i have found her very nice. I would recommend if you are looking for a puppy to give her a go.

Chris Anlezark
Chris Anlezark Ken Nott



We are the team from Coonabarabran / Coolah Vet Clinics. Terry Campbell has been a client for many years. Terry runs a very professional breeding operation producing high quality puppies which are sold throughout Australia and occasionally oversees. The kennels are exceptionally well maintained and the health and well being of their dogs is Terry's main priority. We have no hesitation in recommending Terry's pups to any prospective purchaser.

Regards, Ralph Kuhn BVSc
Coonabarabran/Coolah Vet

Coona Vet Business Card



For all enquiries please click on Contact Us above or phone (02) 68423347.

A brief note from Terry at Woodlands Puppies

Woodlands Puppies is a wonderful place to visit and view or collect your new puppy. However, considering the recent developments regarding the COVID-19 virus, sadly we have had to make the decision to isolate our business during the foreseeable future.

From 27 March 2020 onwards, if you are wanting to view puppies, we will do our best to offer video and skype link up. Please bear in mind our internet is not as fantastic as we would like it, so we will do our best to accommodate.

Only essential employees are permitted to enter the property, and these are under stringent cleaning conditions, both with F10 to protect from Parvovirus and Disinfectant. All other people who work closely with Woodlands Puppies have now been restricted to online or phone contact only.

We are also looking into ensuring that your puppy is transported in the safest possible conditions and are working closely with Dog Movers and JetPets and will keep everyone updated as soon as we know what the process will be.